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About Us

Ivocom is built around the specialist expertise of two individuals: Vincent Salva and Jason Griffiths. We blend a critical mix of expertise from VoIP, Technical Operations, ITSP and network knowledge. Our philosophy is to put the client first with a focus on delivering outstanding support for a precisely chosen and complementary range of technology services.

The company has grown from strength to strength, becoming the UK’s premier reseller for Zultys IP PBX technology. As Ivocom enters its second decade it has invested extensively in both the Public and Private Cloud to provide outstanding Voice, Video and Collaborative services.

We understand that the way in which people work has changed extensively over the last ten years, and that the evolution will continue. As new generations enter the work force, we must ensure that we do not just ensure productivity, but that we provide businesses with the right technology and flexibility to make them attractive to the best potential staff going forward.

Ivocom know that growth and success are not just factors of efficiency and hard work, but working effectively with technology partners that will deliver real insights into how technology can help realise future business objectives.