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CCTV & Security


MOBOTIX is widely recognized as one of the most innovative developers of multipurpose autonomous IP cameras in the world. With a range of critical capabilities delivered in weatherproof, IP66 secure form underscored with outstanding German engineering, they deliver not only critical services to our clients' businesses, but also peace of mind. MOBOTIX excels in perimeter security, transportation, retail and critical infrastructure surveillance.

Capabilities and Management

With the outstanding hardware in place, we can deliver a host of crucial services:

  • Event Detection in a range of light ranges
  • Alarm Messaging
  • Video Analysis
  • Two Way VoIP with Phone Connectivity
  • A range of remote functions
  • MOBOTIX provides their Professional Video Management System free of charge and without any licences


MOBOTIX solutions are known for their high-quality video performance run through a decentralized architecture. The result is a solution that has a minimal impact in terms of bandwidth utilization and require less supporting network infrastructure as a result. Recordings are encrypted to ensure privacy and security, and the overall network overhead is reduced in terms of energy and bandwidth usage.

Use Cases

Facility Protection and Operational Safety

Important infrastructure naturally must be vigilently protected and monitored to guarantee reliable and uninterrupted operations and ensure availability for in emergency situations. Through intelligent prevention measures, it is possible to avoid significant cost caused by damage, repairs and power cuts.

In the UK alone, there are more than 590 fires reported every day (Gov fire statistics 2015/16). The human and economic losses are vast. Similarly, the data on property theft highlights a need for organisations to raise their vigilance levels.

Installations, machinery, equipment and material available on company premises require effective and cost-efficient protection. In addition, operational safety, optimization of work flows and protection against theft, vandalism and espionage are becoming increasingly important.

Intelligent IP Video Solutions

With no limit on the number of cameras you can deploy, Mobotix is ideal for large scale and high security installations such as airports, prisons or even stadiums.

The high resolution cameras also support a range of capabilities including 'Moonlight Sensor Technology': producing highly light sensitive, high quality video even in low light conditions with no motion blur.

Intelligent and Reliable Prevention

Looking at the live image of a MOBOTIX thermal camera, for example, at an alarm centre, makes it easy to discuss and plan the next steps of intervention. This will help to defuse critical situations and prevent significant damage before they arise. On top, installations can remotely be tested and maintained cost-effectively.

Due to minimal power consumption of between 4 - 6 watts, and the virtually maintenance-free design without any mechanical moving parts or additional equipment, MOBOTIX outdoor cameras are the first choice achieving an unrivalled level of product quality in outdoor deployments.

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of more than 9 years underlines perfectly the high quality and reliability of MOBOTIX cameras - Made in Germany.