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Cloud Telephony Benefits

  • Support the multiple offices, home and remote working
  • Simplicity in management with little technical overhead
  • Reduces your telephony overhead and gives free intra site calling
  • Simple desktop call management software to drive productivity
  • Virtual enterprise grade contact centre capability built in to enhance customer service

The 'Cloud' represents the next evolution of how IT and communications are deployed for business. Services are provided through datacentres and delivered to staff across the internet, wherever they are: in an office, at home, or on the move. What you get is an extensive communications service that provides a range of fixed and mobile capabilities.

With a Cloud service, we remove the burden of supporting physical services from your IT team. Locals users and administrators can still manage the service dynamically to maximise their effectiveness. Every staff member can make and receive calls from wherever they're working, and still be seamlessly integrated into the company network.

By deploying Cloud telephony, there is minimal cost at set up, and you will benefit from always using the latest voice software: no more five or seven year PBX life-cycles. Support is included within the monthly charge for every user for peace of mind and help when you need it, and full training is available to ensure your team can truly realise its potential.