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Your Next Generation Contact Centre

What are you looking to achieve with your contact centre environment? If it is to deliver an enhanced service to your customer, reduce your costs and drive revenue; we can help.Ivocom can deliver a fully scalable contact centre solution over an architecturally diverse organisation. So whether you have 500 agents in a single facility, or need to facilitate those agents should they all work from home, we can enable you.

Using the Zultys Integrated Contact Centre Solution we can intelligently process incoming calls to a group of Supervisors & Agents based not just on a rule-set but also real time conditions.

We provide all key features you would expect from an enterprise contact centre solution, but crucial to your success are the real benefits ICC will deliver.

Fast, Efficient & Engaging

The intuitive 'MXIE' interface ramps up productivity


Effectively coach, monitor and manage agents in real time


Superview is your new master monitoring platform. Real time data allows more effective agent monitoring and the ability to identify potential issues and alerts. Most importantly, equip supervisors and administrators with the information they need to take direct action.

Remote Agents

Remote Agents can be located anywhere on any phone. You have the freedom to recruit the right people, with the skills or availability you need, anywhere in the world. This increases your level of available service, but it can also help manage costs

3rd Party Integration

With a wide range of applications to effectively leverage your whole infrastructure, whether it is CRM, Record Management and ERP platforms, or just simple screen dialling