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Support & Maintenance Services

Ivocom will work with you to deliver the right level of support to complement your specific needs. We know that not all businesses have their own IT team, or the in-house skills to deliver and maintain specialist services.

Our entire technical team is fully manufacturer accredited and is here to deliver outstanding support when you need it: our focus is people centric. You will speak to our first line team, with strict service levels. They are backed by a highly experienced second line and proactive manufacturer support to ensure that we deliver continuity of service and to maintain the productivity of your business.

Implementation & Training

All projects are overseen by professional project managers. Our field team is extensively trained and sensitive to your particular business requirements. We understand the value of effective training when it comes to successful implementation of new services and will work with you to deliver an effective training program to truly realise the value of your investment.

Enhanced Support Services

Every client is different, so we provide a range of support packages that are built specifically for your business. We complement your in-house skills in the most cost effective way possible: this means that we can deliver everything from simple remote support to full 24/7/365 services for critical systems.