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SME Solutions

For Small and Medium Enterprises

The modern SME is in some ways more challenging to support than the largest enterprise. Light on resources (and in the early days, funds), but heavy on workload and aspiration. Smaller organisations though, are not necessarily local businesses or single office arrangements. The word 'organisation' is key: a group of individuals working together to achieve a common goal.

SMEs can still be multinational, multi skilled, have global supply chains and sell their services around the world, but in order to do that they must be supported in a way that doesn't create more work, rather in a way that brings people together, in the simplest ways.

Ivocom's role is to understand your business need and give you the insight you need to help you realise your business objectives. It might be light touch hosted telephony, to seamlessly bring together your team without the need for any capital outlay. It might be the creation of a blended solution to bring together your communications, collaboration and the monitoring of your manufacturing capability - globally. Regardless, our role is to show you how technology can be part of the solution, not the solution itself.

We will deliver and support the capabilities that enable your business to grow to the next level. Our customer service is people focused rather than automated, and we are here to talk when you need us.